City Walk Urban Mission has been serving the needs of the homeless and ex-offenders since 2012. In the last three years we have fed, clothed, and ministered to over 4000 people in crisis as well as operated a transition home for men coming out of prison.
Presently we are operating in a single family home that severely limits the amount of people we can help at one time. We have stacks of applications from inmates that have no place to come to upon release and no help in the re-entry process. Great is the need for transitional housing for ex-offenders. We do not apply for government aid/grants because we do not want to be a burden on the tax payer. We feel the work we do should only be supported by those who want to invest in the lives of others in this way.
This campaign is for land and construction of a new transitional housing facility that will enable more people to get the help they need.